Published on 07/13/2019 4:11 am
Clean room sofa with wooden sofa

From time to time your wooden sofa is getting worse, ugly scratches or even sticky moldy stains ... What are you hesitating for, but do not immediately embark on the transformation of cheap wooden sofa sets I come back with a shiny look like when I bought it with simple but effective methods?

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1. Lighten the varnish layer

Special furniture, sofa, despite being varnished but not cleaned for a long time, will lose its shine. Leave the chair shiny like a new one. You can use a small amount of mop on the varnish, then let it dry and then wipe it with a wet brush. The highlight using milk makes the varnish layer on the sofa wood hard and shiny. However, it must be cleaned, avoiding milk left because milk attracts insect ants and cockroaches ...

2. Cleaning the previous mattress

We all know that beautiful, cheap wooden sofas usually have two parts: wooden chairs and two cushions. The cushion can be made from many different materials such as fabric, felt ...

Before cleaning the wooden sofa frame, we will proceed to clean the mattresses first. Use a piece of white seaweed powder, alcohol then pour the alcohol into a spray bottle and spray it directly on the fabric surface and use sea powder to clean it. The results will make you not be surprised.

In case it is possible to remove the outer covering, we can clean the wooden sofa a lot simpler. After cleaning, you can put in some extra essential oil in the seat slot, help you relax and comfortable sitting.

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3. Clean the wooden frame outside

If it is gentle dirt stains, we just need to take a clean, light towel to get a new set of sofas.

In case of dirty wiping wipe the day, we should use a soft cloth and dip into the beer to rub that stubborn stain. After cleaning, we should use pine oil to regain the shine for our wooden sofa set.

4. How to delete scratches

If the wooden sofa for the apartment building is badly scratched, you can use colored candle wax along with the painted surface of the wooden furniture to the surface of the furniture to fill the scratched wood color, then use a colorless nail polish up scratches

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5. How to handle cracked wood

The perennial sofa unfortunately breaks, you can handle it as follows: take the old cotton cloth and mix it with the oil of the river into a solid lake, and then put it into the crack, finally we dry it. After drying, the crack will be very tight. You can also tear newspaper into crumbs, mix with alum and clean water, heat into a thick paste. Wait for the tank to cool, put the tank in the cracks, dry it, however, this method is used for dry containers or items that are less exposed to water.

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