Published on 09/07/2019 3:55 am
Xhome Interior - Interior units at all levels

Having a large factory that constantly increases the scale, production process according to international standards, traditional dreaming methods, minimizing the use of glue in the jointing joint, we are confident that Leading units bring you the most satisfactory choice. 

All materials used in the production of Xhome Furniture are 100% natural wood that have undergone drying process to prevent termite warping due to strict testing standards. The designs of wooden sofa tables and chairs are finished with imported 5-layer painting technology combined with Xhome toughened glass wooden sofa tables and chairs, Xhome's designs bring an unbelievable attraction. from.

>> sofa:

The key point is the product is made from standard walnut wood. Walnut is a hardwood usually made of cream-colored inlays, heartwood ranging from light brown to chocolate. Wood grain with wave shape or vortex creates a very nice and luxurious pattern that no group of wood has. The color of this wood itself is one of the most chosen colors for interior designs geared towards elegance and elegance.

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